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Wonderful Indonesia, an equatorial country in southeast Asia with a total area of 1.9 million square kilometers is the world’s biggest tropical archipelago. Two-thirds of marine territory dominates this region with more than 17,000 islands between Pacific and Hindia Ocean. The longest coastline with powerful waves on shore, and coral triangles representing 70% biodiversity of underwater species. The land territory is collision of three continental plates between Eurasia, Australia and Pacific, that gave birth to hundreds of active volcanoes part of ring of fire, limestone hills, also tectonic snowcapped mountains one of the 7 Summits. The second largest tropical rainforest on earth, also home of a diversity of endemic flora and fauna species especially orangutans, tigers, Komodo dragons, rhinos, elephants, thousands of bird species, famous for its orchids which features over hundreds species of flowers including Rafflesia Arnoldii.
Inhabited by a total population of about 250 million people, agriculture is the main source livelihood of Indonesia while tourism is rapidly growth. Hundreds of ethnic tribes blended with religious life harmoniously, colored of tinged cultural elements of native traditions patterns of ancestral heritage, as well as a foreign culture that is affecting during the colonial period. The tour is filled with historical relics and diverse religious places of ancient age, hundreds of temples, indigenous traditional villages, and colonial architectural buildings. Generally, this country can be visited almost the entire year, it climate only has two seasons. Best travel season is dry season on April to the end of October, rest of it mostly dominated by rain.
Combination between amazing landscapes with tropical sunshine, lovely local people, extraordinary food, Indonesia is an ideal place for tourists to holiday traveling, adventure, exploration, trekking, diving, surfing, mountain climbing, roadtrip, motorbike touring, bird watching or flying paragliding. Enjoying the warmth beach, perfect waves, green forests of the mountains, underwater view on the dazzling of sea bottom or fly in the clear blue sky. There’s no reason for you to not take a vacation in this paradise of tropical islands. By simply choose where you want to go, we always ready to provide you an unforgetable experience.
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